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Journey of Self Discovery and Empowerment at FyndFlow

At the age of 19, I dropped out of college to become a full-time brahmachari at ISKCON

At the age of 19, I dropped out of college to become a full-time brahmachari at ISKCON

Mar 5, 2024

Mar 5, 2024

Mar 5, 2024

I finally mustered the courage to drop out of college and become a full-time brahmachari at ISKCON at the age of 19.

All my life, the only question that bothered me was: “What is the purpose of my existence?” This question confused me as much as it mesmerized me.

Discovering the Purpose

I often noticed, people living their life as if they were some machines or robot, the same monotony of everyday chores, going to work and collecting the basics for survival, eat, sleep, sex repeat.

But only a handful seemed to be interested in the same question as me, and that is where my quest began.

The reason I joined the temple was simply to be able to listen clearly.

Yes, the noise from my peers, from my parents and family members, from my teachers and of course from the media had made me deaf to my own inner voice.

And I knew that in order to build a meaningful life, driven by purpose and clarity, I needed to listen to my own inner voice, which was only possible through deep meditation and spiritual practices like chanting and yoga.

Revelation and Return

Almost after 2 years of my practice living in the temple, I finally heard it.

I still remember sitting in the hall and chanting the Hare Krishna mantra (we generally chanted 16 rounds every single day which took us about 2 hours) and suddenly the lotus eyes of krishna started to move.

I was initially ignorant about this fact, then after a while I thought maybe I have gone crazy, but this is exactly when I felt the answer being spoke to me from within.

Your pain is your purpose, I have given you all of these experiences to make you prepared for the future, use it wisely.

These were the exact words that faintly rang inside my mind as I tried to wrap my head around what is reality and what is fiction.

That day, I decided to return to the material world, as a savior or a messiah, with a clear purpose and enthusiasm I knew this was it.

Overcoming Mental Blocks

But it took me almost 1 decade before I could actually start sharing this purpose with the world, why?

Because, I had a lot of mental blocks, which were arising from my traumas and past experiences.

Blocks like: I don’t have enough money, I don’t have people, I am not experienced in this field, why will people listen to me? there are other people who are better than me, and so on and so forth.

Even though I had these blocks I did not stop myself from pursuing my purpose, I always had a firm belief that this is not some random purpose designed by my mind, but instead it is a higher purpose gifted to me by Krishna.

Introduction of FyndFlow V2.0

So after almost a decade of preparation and practice, I finally bring to you a renewed and refreshed FyndFlow V2.0

Why V2.0? because even though I started FyndFlow about 2 years ago, it was still not aligned to my purpose, it felt like platform that was designed to help singles find better dates.

With this new update we are diving head first into the 7 dimensions of Flow.

Going forward, I will be sharing with you my first hand experiences coaching over a 1000 people on how to live a life where activating flow is as easy as reading this post.

I have discovered that each living entity has one and only one purpose at the core of their existence, and that is: to relate and be related.

The 7 Relationships for Flow State

Relationships are the means for any living entity to experience the depths of life. We relate to nature in the sense that nature serves us with wind, water, food, shelter etc so the primary relationship is that of a servant leader.

The 2nd and more intimate relationship is that between friends, followed by the 3rd between parents and their children.

The 4th relationship is very significant and can either make or break you, it is the relationship with your romantic lover or partner/spouse.

The next one is my favorite and the one that is most ignored by everyone, at number 5 we have the relationship with your self.

And at number 6 we have the relationship that connects us to the divine, the relationship between a guru and disciple.

Finally at number 7 we have our relationship with the divine.

Each of these relationships holds the secret to helping us get into the flow state.

I have also discovered that the chakras or the energy centers of our body get clogged by negative emotions if any of our relationships are not functioning positively.

Once we learn what actions can trigger a positive exchange in our relationships, we can also unlock the same energy and get into the flow state for ourselves at will.

FyndFlow Community and Membership Levels

My goal with fyndflow is to bring this essential piece of missing information back into your psyche, through educational content that is infused with entertainment.

We at FyndFlow are envisioning a strong nit community of folks who are interested in making this change for a better tomorrow, today.

FyndFlow has created 4 levels of engagement within the community, bronze, silver, gold and diamond.

Each level helps you to get one step closer to your life’s purpose and gain clarity about the actions you need to take in order to experience life fully, through the lens of these relationships.

Bronze is all about introducing the relationship operating system which is a life coaching program and it comes along with the 7RP model.

In the Silver level you get access to the secrets that make the Relationship operating system work.

In Gold, I share the specific tactics or steps that you need to take in order to become a flow master and grow abundant in every aspect of your life, unlocking the 7 states of flow.

And in Diamond, I share ways to enable you to become a flow coach, equipped with both technical as well as practical knowledge in order to setup your journey of empowering others.

With each membership plan, you will be able to interact with fellow community members through the exclusive self hosted community platform.

You will also gain access to attend inner circle events, held at different intervals and scale for a more holistic experience.

Invitation to Join the Journey

I am sure at this point you must be wondering “Shubham, you have been going on for a while about yourself and fyndflow. What about me, the reader?”

Well, sorry to keep you waiting on this one, let me help you get even more clear.

In our Fyndflow community and through our content distributed on almost every major social media platform, our main aim to help you with your personal growth journey.

We are unique in the sense that we incorporate the best of both worlds: borrowing from mainstream mental health as well as life coaching and alternative healing practices.

We then infuse them both with our own 7 relationship spectrum to bring a very actionable and enjoyable process to help you accelerate results in your life, helping you to move on from crawling to walking to even running towards your goals.

If you can resonate with our mission and vision, then I would love to invite you on this profound journey of self discovery and empowerment of the human connection.

FyndFlow currently has less than 10 members as this is the official soft launch week, we are gearing up for greater impact in the upcoming years and your contribution, however small matters.

FyndFlow is a bootstrapped company and the vision to empower atleast 10 million lives online and offline within the next 3 years.

To stay connected, hit the subscribe button wherever you are reading this and share it forward inviting others to join this mission of a better tomorrow.

TL;DR: FyndFlow is committed to building a community centered around personal growth and positive change. Through a transformative journey of self-discovery and purpose alignment, we aim to empower individuals with the tools needed to navigate life's complexities and unlock their true potential.

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